Do you sometimes get stuck in a rut if you don't have a race to look forward to?

If running isn't on your "to-do" list does something else takes its place?  Like spending hours on the couch having to clear your head because its been such a crazy day at work?

Dear friend,

If you want to regain your mojo without making training feel like a chore then this letter will help you future proof your running motivation for good.

Here's the dibs:

I author a monthly publication called:

The “Runner’s High” Newsletter

Let me tell me how this underground newsletter was created...

Many pulp fitness rags were tremendously helpful in introducing me to the running culture. Especially when I was first starting out.  They had plenty of good content about training tips, stretching, race advice, gear reviews, injury treatment basics, mental aspects of running, etc. Providing me with some useful direction when I was just getting serious about the hobby and trying to improve my skills

Then I noticed the repetitiveness of the articles.  That I already knew most of what I was reading.  So I ended my subscription and started doing research of my own.  Using the insights gleaned to conduct mini "endurance experiments"

Here are some of the results:

  • Completed Boston, Chicago, and NYC Marathons barefoot
  • First person to complete the Badwater 135 in sandals
  • 3x Leadville 100 belt buckles (Crowned Leadman in 2014)
  • Ran from California to The White House in less than 140 days
  • Sole member of Lazarus Lake's secret "Tennessee Slam" club

Anyway, here why it's important to you:

Though I've gotten good and tired in the trenches of some of the most challenging endurance events on the planet...

I've never pulled back the curtain.  Revealing my "go-to" tactics for getting out the door on those "don't wanna" days.

But that changes today!

Because all my very best and most effective secrets are now reserved exclusively for subscribers to my Runner's High Newsletter.

The “Behind The Scenes”
Results Of Everything!

Why is this newsletter unique?

Each issue is crafted on old fashioned paper and ink.  Delivered via snail mail straight to your mailbox.  Topics include pre-race visualization skills, how to leverage time management so you can best fit in training, biohacks for boosting brain power, and optimal food choices for enhancing endurance.  Actionable content that you implement immediately on your next run.

To up the ante…

You also get several never before released “goodies”.

The first of which is my brand new book...

Endurance Secrets

This physical book will be shipped to your home address.

It's an easy to digest endurance training and racing “playbook” that provides EVERYTHING you need to make HUGE progress towards being fit and healthy.  Included is the exact system I've used to transform myself from being overtrained and lethargic to the top of the podium.  Better yet, it'll sharpen your desire to compete at your best before you even receive your 1st issue. 

Here’s just a small sample of what you’ll discover:

  • How to shave minutes off your pace per mile in as little at 30 days.  (Without feeling like a dried out slug afterwards)
  • A little known secret for taming persistent fatigue, lingering injuries, and devilish mood swings.  (Get this right and you'll recover like a superhero after each training run)
  • A simple workout secret that can boost brain power, muscles strength, and bulletproof metabolism.
  • check
    Which works better... slow running or speedwork? (You may be surprised)
  • check
    Do you have stressful full time job or family obligations that restrict you from getting out the door when you'd like? (Follow this blueprint and you’ll be able to produce fitness gains on a consistent basis for the rest of your life, training only a handful of hours a week.)
  • check
    Why most runners approach to training intensity is dead wrong.  (If you’re training this way, you’re race results are gonna be painfully slow!)
  • check
    How to build a rock solid gut…say goodbye to dodgy stomach problems for good.
  • check
    How to add speed up the wazoo without sore hamstrings, shin splints, or a cranky IT band !
  • check
    Conquer “pre-race anxiety” once and for all. (In fact, do this and you’ll NEVER have to wonder if you’re ready to compete… ever again.) 
  • check
    How to turning a ho hum out and back jaunt into a POWERFUL "runner's high" session. (It’s easy when you know THIS secret.)
  • check
    Demystifying the "no pain, no gain" lie.  (For those of us in-the-know, this lie is actually the #1 reason you should choose heart based training… over ANY kind of fly by night fitness program.) 
  • check
    What a “sugar-addicted society” has to do with your running – and why you’d better pay attention!
  • check
    How training LESS leads to success! (I’ll show you what 90% of diehard elites don’t know.) 
  • check
    The “heart smart” secret to crafting an unshakable endurance foundationeven if you’re a totally wet-behind-the-ears newbie and the mere thought of logging hours of miles causes anxiety.

The fastest and BEST way to slay the "ego-racing villain" quickly as possible.  Many runners not privy to THIS repeatedly hit the wall like a town drunk on the 4th of July.  That's no longer a worry for you when you know this one secret.  And even...

A 12 Month
"Anti-Cookie Cutter" 
Personalized Training Plan.

This special section reveals exactly how to structure your entire year without the guesswork of wondering what to do next. (It doesn't matter if your a newbie or veteran... this 365 day program will bulletproof your endurance game).

Short of coaching you myself...

I Cannot Possibly

Make It Easier For You

To Be Fully Prepared

on Race Day!

 But wait...there's more!

The "Endurance Secrets" book is just ONE freebie you receive.

Because I want you to have every possible advantage to reach your goals as quickly as'll also get...

  • Email Access to Me Every Single Month! I’ll answer questions, evaluate your training plan and reveal results of any workout discoveries that are working well… so you can implement them for your own personal gain
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    Special Discount On My Other Creations.  As a subscriber you receive “first dibs” when news services hit the market.  This includes Runner’s High Tie Dye merchandise and future products.  Talk about VIP treatment!
  • Bonus Teachings.  Don’t be surprised when you receive Easter eggs and unexpected “cheat codes”  

Anyhoo, here's the scoop:

Membership to the Runner's High Newsletter...and all the valuable benefits that go with is usually $27/Month

That works out to be ridiculously low investment of only... 

$0.94 A Day!

Shoots, I’ve seen people spend QUADRAUPLE that much to satisfy their running shoe habit!

Because It’s within EVERYBODY’S budget…There’s simply NO excuse whatsoever for not getting in on this.

However, the Runner’s High Newsletter is NOT for everyone!

Here’s who it’s not for…

  • If you entertain a New Year's resolution mentality.  Never settling for anything long-term that benefits your health and fitness.
  • Seriously strapped for cash.  E.g. Living pay check to pay check.  
  • Dabble with running once or twice per week.  Not serious about improving your skill, health, and overall well-being.

If you meet this criteria, you simply do not qualify to buy this. 

This is for runners who are eager to improve only. 

Runner's who realize that endurance is a marathon not a sprint.  And Are dedicated enough to implementing practical teachings that can holistically skyrocket fitness levels and hone mental skills.  

Runners like this will be greatly rewarded….

Just One Idea From One Issue
Could Result Being Injury-Free
And In Love With Running
For The Rest Of Your Life!

Enough coaxing…

Now is the time to find out for yourself.

Click the button below to reserve your copy today.

When your purchase is complete, you’ll receive your complimentary copy of Endurance Secrets and the Runner’s High Newsletter shipped the first week of month.

Click the button below to hit the ground running:

Cheers to your success,

Barefoot Alex

FAQs about the Runner’s High Newsletter

What is your cancel policy?

The Runner’s High Newsletter is $27 per month, and you will be billed once upon subscribing, and then once every 30 days afterwards.  If you choose to cancel, note there are no refunds on subscriptions.

You can cancel any time via the email phone number (scroll down to bottom of page for the these details).

Do you accept PayPal?


Is this the Runner’s High Newsletter for beginners?

Yes, it is.  Here’s how I see it…Your free copy of Endurance Secrets is enough to establish a solid foundation.  The Runner's High Newsletter is the icing on the cake that fine tunes performance.

I’m no noob.  I have 10-12 years of running experience.  What can I learn here that’s not already free on the internet?

While running is not rocket science.  You will be presented with alternative methods for exhilarating endurance.  Pulling from metaphysics, mindfulness, subconscious suggestion, cost effective nutrition, biohacks, etc. the Runner’s High Newsletter is more than just workouts and a cookie cutter training plan.  Anyone, regardless of skill level, can benefit from its teachings.

Why is this not free?

Simple.  Free encourages freebie-seekers and flakey folks.  When money is exchanged the perception of value increases.  Making it more likely that the purchased information won’t be discarded.  But implemented immediately.   

I’m not really into competition or signing up for races, can I still benefit?

Absolutely!  You don’t have to be a diehard racer (99% of use aren’t) to take advantage of health and fitness.  Regardless if you are signed up for a race or not, the content caters towards mind, body, and spirit well-being.

Will the Runner’s High Newsletter make me better overnight?

No.  Information is just information until you take action.  And endurance never happens instantly.  Only those serious about incorporating the teachings are advised to subscribe.  Though recommendations are made on how to best improve daily training, results may to years to realize.   

Here’s what others
are saying about
Barefoot Alex…

"Desire to push themselves and “grow as individuals.”

“He’s very complimentary in the sense that he’s very quick to praise those around them for things he respects and admires in them.  Driving participants internally with a desire to push themselves and “grow as individuals.” 

- Bryce Carlson, Sparathalon,  Race Across USA, and Rowing across the North Atlantic World Record Holder.

"You Winning a marathon unshod speaks volumes."

"I've heard every possible excuse of why "real" runners dont “do” barefoot. You Winning a marathon unshod speaks volumes!"

- Jeff CT, Barefoot Runner's Society, Chapter President

"Extremely honest, reliable, and ethical..." 

"Alex is extremely honest, reliable, and ethical. The UC track program was fortunate to have such a student-athlete that possesses a remarkable work ethic and a tremendous strength of character."

- Bill Schnier, former University of Cincinnati Track & Field Coach

"Alex has found and discovered that there is
a much deeper meaning to the sport of running"

"Many years ago this track star from the University of Cincinnati transformed into an ultra marathon runner. Since this transformation Alex has found and discovered that there is a much deeper meaning to the sport of running and has gained a completely new appreciation for what it can teach each of us."

-Jordan Webster, founder of the Run the Globe podcast